Bigg Boss 15 Contestants, Start Date & Registration Process

Bigg Boss 15


BIGG BOSS is an Indian reality television show which is introduced by Endemol shine India through viacom 18 and star india. Consequently, it was associated internationally and available through VOOT and Disney and Hotstar OTT platforms. It has been gorged into seven languages that are well known in the Indian sub_ continent .

In the initial seasons of the bigg boss the only celebrities were selected to be housemates for being part of the show but as moving forward the next seasons the commoners were also allowed to become a part of the bigg boss house. while on the other hand bigg boss 14, which was hosted by Salman Khan and Rubina Dilaik was the winner in that season .

After Bigg BOSS 14, Bigg boss 15 is awaiting to be a grand one with common people also given a chance to be part of it. If we want to talk about the bigg boss history then we came to know that the first season was hosted by Arshad Warsi and was started in 2006 on Sony entertainment tv and five seasons of bigg boss entertainment show was hosted by different superstars and from the 6 season Salman Khan was started to host BIGG BOSS.From 6 season to onward at the end of 14 season and till now in 15 season Salman Khan remains the host of Bigg BOSS. People also said that Salman Khan is the spirit of this show.

BIGG BOSS season 15

When bigg boss season 14 was to be ended Salman Khan announced about the season 15, BIGG BOSS 14 was super hit season one in all aspects and had more entertainment rather than other seasons. Now, people are waiting for the next season, which is season 15. From the news it came to hear that the commoners will be able to get participate in season 15 and can also give auditions. The online auditions are held due to the covid-19.

First inside the bigg boss season ten, the commoners had an opportunity to give auditions in bigg boss entertainment reality show and get a chance to be amused. And from commoners someone got a chance to win a trophy and 50 lac almost. Throughout the season ten the commoners became part of bigg boss entertainment show till season 14.

Now in the season 15, Bigg BOSS’ platform opens their doors for commoners again to provide a chance to improve their skills. Now Salman Khan announced that all auditions will be held online due to covid-19 like season 14.

Bigg Boss 15 Contestants

The most contestable show, Bigg BOSS always increases the enthusiasm of the fans. After the success of bigg boss season 14, fans are all forced out for Bigg BOSS 15, even more,because the host Salman Khan revealed about the online auditions for commoners for the next season.

Furthermore, the report advocates that the show will have both celebrity and commoners. It is impartial that the show will have ten celebrity couples and five entertaining commoners. In season 13,the contestants were just only celebrities but in season 14 the contestants were both the celebrity and the common people. Also in season 15 common people and celebrities will be a part of Bigg BOSS.

Bigg Boss 15 Celebrities

One major reason, Bigg BOSS is so famous among the audience and viewers is that some celebrities are seen inside the house for three to four months. The contestable reality show recently completed 14 seasons with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan hosting the last 10 seasons.In India, this reality show was bowed out 15 years ago in 2006. And because of it.

The new concept mostly people liked this show and this television show has gained the fastest fan following among all the age groups. Consistently,few challengers are welcome to Bigg BOSS house where they live respectively and these candidates are called housemates.

These housemates contend with each other on different missions and attempt to win.Every week 1 contestant is killed and subsequently, the person who will remain until the end will win the show. And the winner of the show gets an immense prize money. Here below you will get tall the Rumoured challengers of Bigg BOSS season 15.

Bigg Boss 15 Show

The FANS of Bigg BOSS 15 will see these people in season 15 of Bigg BOSS. There are some other participants whose names have not appeared yet. BIGG Boss cast selected those commoners, whose life is little difficult and complicated or different from other human beings.According to the information, Bigg BOSS 15 will premiere from October 2021.

Bigg BOSS 15 will be telecast on Colors Tv channel and viewers can also watch the the episodes on voot app there is the complete list of challengers who have entered the Bigg BOSS house with Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauhar khan dislocating the cords from hidden corner of the house,the challengers will be confirmed only after 15 days. Even among those
who are a part of the show now, for challengers stand rejected.Here is the stage of the 11 people who have entered the Bigg BOSS house.

Eijaz khan has entered the house, saying that he was glad with the social distancing norms and the Bigg BOSS house is going to be a challenge for him. The south actress “Nikki Tamboli ” is a chatterbox who has said that she is waiting to break the hearts of the house.

The most famous Nagin actress has appeared in 2 seasons of ‘’khatron ke khiladi ” and now she is going to be a part of the house. A television actress Pavitra said she went against her family to access the entertainment industry. The ambitious singer was introduced earlier as the first confirmed contestant of the Bigg BOSS 15 and many more celebrities will enter.

Launching date of Bigg Boss 15:

Not finalized yet, it is being expected this show will launch in September 2021. The date will
update very soon. People are also very eager for this season. Bigg Boss season 14 started on
October 3, 2020, and is still going on. Season 14 started late because of COVID-19

Bigg Boss 15 Requirements

The Bigg boss 15 have some requirements as Bigg BOSS season 14 contained. The requirements as follows:

• The candidates should have collided 18 years or above age
• The candidates should be living in india
• The participants should be able to provide the following documents i.e Id card, birthday certificate, school leaving certificate,booted Id card, driving license,PAN card , passport must be required

Registration for Bigg BOSS 15

Due to the analytical situation of the covid-19, it is decided that all the process of BIGG BOSS 15will be held online like auditions and registration like season 14. Bigg Boss 14 freshly had its grand finale, during which host Salman Khan revealed that season 15 would be open to the public. While Bigg BOSS is one of the most loved all over India. People want to be a part of the house.

The opportunities that come thereafter are beyond coherent. The audience loves being a part of the bigg boss entertainment reality show through social media and this their opportunity to cross the house and win the game. Bigg Boss had opened its doors up for the commoners in season 11. The challengers from all walks of life were a part of the house. After which,in season 12, some challengers auditioned and became a part of the house.

The season 15 will also be similar for auditions and registration for Bigg BOSS 15, the people needs to follow few steps are as follows:

● The people will have to download the voot app and start the registration process
for Bigg BOSS 15
● The challengers are also able to register by using the voot website,
● An application form is given which needs to be registered with all exclusive details
which will be hereby needed in the process
● Post filling the application form inclusive of private details,an audition video needs
to be shot This video needs to be of best quality the user has to make sure the
introductions are done well
● After completing the audition tape ,the contestants may submit the application
● Check the details once more before claiming the submit button
● When the video is selected, the challengers will be called for the auditions and
● All the participants will need to remember that it is allowed only for Indian people

House theme and format BIGG BOSS house is a full joy, fun and entertainment show. All contestants of the show are living in BIGG BOSS house. BIGG BOSS houses are known as housemates and are isolated from the rest of the world. Maybe season 15 is again a” jungle theme” just like Bigg BOSS 15 because there is no information about the house theme of BIGG BOSS 15.

All seasons have themes and taglines. As the previous season has a theme, “Jungle” and tagline, “Rocking.” Salman khan was surprised and said, “season-14 hoga rocking.” Jungle theme presenting some new look, we can say an eye-catching theme means to insist people watch this show with eagerness. people are seeing this show fondly.

Further, if we look back at season 13, it also has an amazing theme and tagline. Its tagline was ‘Tedha’ and the theme was “Bigg Boss Museum”. Now, for the upcoming season folk are looking forward to an-outstanding theme and tagline. This will update very soon.

Overview of Bigg Boss Season 14

Bigg Boss 14 Winner Rubina

After the ending of season 13 of Bigg BOSS reality entertainment show, which was a very super hit season from all other seasons The host of this season was Salman Khan. It started on September 29, 2019. It was the longest season and became the most successful season of Bigg Boss.

This season had the tagline ‘Tedha’ and the theme ‘Bigg Boss Museum.’ Omung Kumar said, “Welcome to Bigg Boss Museum.” The finale show came to an end on February 15,2020. Sidharth Shukla was declared as the winner. Only celebrities were selected for this season. The story of its success is that it had many famous faces like Sidharth, Rashmi, Devoleena, and not-so-famous contestants like Asim and Shehnaaz who won the hearts of the masses.

The house was full of love affairs and fights among the contestants. Only Sidharth Shukla deserved this winning award. If Sidharth was kicked out of the show, the show wouldn’t get the same popularity and success. people said: “He is a one-man army in the Bigg Boss house.” Bigg Boss 13 broke all records of BB previous seasons. and Salman Khan hosted this show for almost 10 years. According to the different reports, in the early days Salman Khan got 3 crore per week, which is 6.5 crore per episode. But now he gets 16 crore per week. It’s a whopping amount.

Bigg Boss Season 14 was started and became most popular and hit among the all other seasons . In 2020 due to covid-19, the bigg boss season 14 was started and all the auditions and registration was held online that was little difficult for the commeners.In season 14, Bigg BOSS again gave a chance to commoners to enter in Bigg BOSS and become a part of the house.

The Bigg BOSS 14 was telecast on colors TV and was released on 3 October 2020 .And in that season total 143 days were given and total contestants were 23.Every week 1 contestant was killed and subsequently,the person who will remains until the end will win the show.In season 14, Rubina Dilaik was the winner and Rahul Vadiya became as a runnerup. Season 14 was the super hit of all other seasons. And the grand finale of Bigg BOSS 14 was held on 21 February 2021.

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